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A Walk in Bathtub is a Blessing For The Handicapped & Senior Care

Those were the days when getting into a bathtub to have a bath for the elderly or handicapped person was a real problem. In fact the most difficult part of having a bath in a tub was the getting in and out of it and as you grow older you tend to lose your balance in the process because stepping over the high sides of the tub was not easy.
But with the innovation of the walk-in bathtub, this insurmountable problem seems to have been solved. The elderly have no need to worry about how they can have a bath without having to look for help from others. And the other members of the house have the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe.
The walk-in bathtub has a door that can be opened for the person to step in and once it is closed the door is sealed to prevent water from seeping out. The tub has non-slip flooring and is provided with a non-slip seat, so that people who cannot stand for long have the convenience of bathing seated. The grab bars are placed at strategic positions so that the bather feels confident that he can always hold on to them when they feel a sense of imbalance.

Moreover the taps are placed at arms reach and are provided with extendable shower heads that will ease the bathing process all the more. the other benefit of a walk-in bathtub is that the faucet is fitted with anti-scald mixing valve that ensures the user receives water at the right temperature. The water propelled jets in the walk-in bathtub is replaced with air propelled hydrotherapy jets so that people with tender or delicate skin are not hurt with the force of water from the water propelled jets.

Another advantage is that water is totally drained out after use unlike in a Jacuzzi where the water is re-circulated, so that it can be wiped clean with a disinfectant to ensure that it is always free from any bacteria and this is especially imperative for people who are prone to diabetes or are recuperating form surgical procedures.


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